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FileCleaner for Mac

Publisher:The Editorium
Product Code:47578-25
Cleans up common editorial problems in documents
This Microsoft Word add-in cleans up common problems in electronic manuscripts, including multiple spaces, multiple returns, unnecessary tabs, improperly typed ellipses, ells used as ones, and so on. It turns double hyphens into em dashes, and hyphens between numerals into en dashes. It can also remove directly applied font formatting (such as Times 12 point) while retaining styles (such as Heading 1) and character formatting (such as italic and bold). Includes batch processing so you can clean up all open documents or a whole folder full of documents to maximize your productivity, doing in minutes what used to take hours to do by hand. NOTE: Be sure to download and install the trial version (below). After your purchase, you'll receive a program password by email. That password will convert the trial version into the full version. Please see the program documentation for details.