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The Business of Editing, epub format

Publisher:Waking Lion Press
Product Code:47578-23
The Business of Editing: Effective and Efficient Ways to Think, Work, and Prosper
Drawing on Richard H. Adin's 30 years of experience as an editor, The Business of Editing provides a definitive perspective on the nature of editing as a calling, as a skill, and especially as a business. It discusses the roles, tools, processes, profits, career, and future of freelance editing—460 pages of solid thinking and useful advice for anyone who makes a living working with words. The essays in this book originally appeared as posts on Richard H. Adin's blog, An American Editor, but here they have been grouped by topic in a smooth and logical sequence and meticulously edited for consistency by Ruth E. Thaler-Carter of Communication Central. In addition, a thorough index by Susan Nedrow makes it easy to find the information you need. This compilation will prove valuable to new and established editors who are committed to both editorial quality and business success.