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Publisher:Carmen Publishing Inc.
Product Code:30731-CPPC
A FrameMaker program for updating paths to imported graphics, text insets, extermal cross-references, and book components.
FrameMaker documents have graphics imported by reference, text insets, and external cross-references, all pointing to files outside of the FrameMaker document. FrameMaker books point to book components that can be located just about anywhere. When these referenced files get moved or renamed, you can end up with a combination of missing graphics, unresolved text insets, unresolved cross-references, or books with missing components. PathChanger is a series of ExtendScript scripts that makes it easy to change these paths for a FrameMaker document or book. It has a command for writing these paths to a simple .csv file. This file can be opened with Excel (or a text editor) where you can easily see and edit and change the paths. Once the paths are updated, another command applies them back to the FrameMaker document or book, quickly resolving the missing or unresolved objects. There are additional commands for writing and updating books and their paths to each book component.