New account verifications

In the past we have suffered losses due to people creating vendor accounts then using stolen credit card numbers to "buy" their own products in the hope that we will pay them before anyone notices.

Nowadays we reserve the right to verify a vendor - we do this by verifying early orders by literally phoning up the customers and making sure they have received product, etc.

Sometimes we miss the first payment cycle. The reason can be either because the customers are slow in responding to any messages we may have left for them (we ask them to send an email to a special email address if they are not at home) or else that we have had a large influx of new vendors so we have literally run out of time that month.

On the assumption that the vendor is genuine, we will then carry the payment due forward to the next month.

If you are a vendor who has had his payments delayed please be patient with us. If we do not do this work we will go out of business due to the fraud attempts against us. One benefit for you though will be that we will have no need to hold back a percentage of your earnings as a buffer against possible future chargebacks like many of our competitors and many banks require.

Please note that you have agreed to our right to do these verifications at 2_9_percent.htm.

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