Third Party Payments

Please note that we are no longer accepting new Third Party payees.


Third party payments allow you to pay someone who doesn't have an SWREG account. In most cases, this will be one of your affiliates or marketing partners, but can be any person or organization who can accept a payment method offered by SWREG.

Payee Setup

To set up payees, navigate to the SWREG Bank System and click on the tab 'Payees'.

To create a new payee, click the button 'New Payee' in the upper right and select 'Third Party' under 'Type'. Choose a payment method, and complete the required details for the payee. You need to provide a unique value in the "Name" field for each payee; if you are using SWREG affiliate tracking and this person is one of your affiliates, it is recommended that you use their existing affiliate id.

If you have set up your own payment details before on SWREG, these set-up screens will be familiar. They are the same as the screens you see in the 'Author Details' area when setting up your own payment details. Please ensure that the information is complete - required fields are in red.

You can change a payee's payment method and details at any time in the future. Just click on the payee's name under the 'Payees' tab to update.

Making Payments

When you make a payment or a group of payments, they are put together into a single payment 'batch'. A batch can include as many or as few transactions as you want. Each batch requires a small flat fee (displayed when you create the payment batch), so by grouping many payments into a single batch you can minimize fees.

To make a payments, navigate to the 'Payees' tab and check the boxes next to the names of the payees you wish to pay and click "Send Payment". On the following screen, enter the amounts for each payee and click 'Add to Pending Payments'. A confirmation screen will appear, allowing you to view the total payments and fees. Check the boxes next to the payments you want to release, then click 'Release Payments'. Payments that you release will be scheduled for the next payment run, payments that are not released will remain as pending payments until you release them. You can release pending payments by clicking 'View Pending Payments' from the SWREG Bank main screen.

To stop / delete a payment, see the section 'Stopping Payments' below.


Fees are displayed to you before you release payments. For your reference, these are outlined below:

Per batch:

Per Payment:

Stopping Payments

You can delete individual payments under the 'Transactions' tab up until the payment has been made. After a payment has been made, it is not possible to recall or cancel it. To delete a payment, click on the red 'X' icon next to the payment under the 'Transactions' tab.

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