User Management

SWREG offer the ability for you to setup restricted access levels to various areas of your store through our User Management feature. It allows you to setup Roles based on your individual company and the functions you want your employees to access. Your employees will all login via the regular login screen, but their username and password will dictate there access level.

Step 1: Setting up Users

Within the User Management feature, you can create or edit your users. To create a user you will provide them with a username, password, and the email address associated with that user.

Step 2: Setting Up Roles

Now you can setup the roles or access levels within your store. The different permission areas are:

The roles can be unique to each user or grouped, it is entirely your choice on the level of customization necessary for your business. You will give it a role name, select the users to be assigned to the role, and then the permissible areas.

Step 3: Maintaining Users

The system allows you to edit roles and users, create new roles as necessary, and delete outdated roles or users. If users forget their password, they may use the "Forgot your password?" functionality which is linked from the login page.

For roles, the options of Active and Delete are available. For users, options are Active, Inactive, Locked, Delete, and Reset. The designations are defined as:

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