Receiving Refund Notifications

When a refund is performed against a completed order, you can elect to have the system call a URL on your own site with details of the refund.

To activate the Refund Notifier, log into your SWREG account and select the Edit Your Author Details option. Scroll down until you see the following option :-

Enter the full URL of your callback including the http or https prefix. When a refund occurrs, the system will POST the details of the transaction to the specified URL, and collect the response (see below). To stop the Refund Notifier from calling your site, simply empty the field.

Security & Identification

Fields sent to the Refund Notifier

Notification Types

The following notification types are sent to the Notification Callback.

What your refund notifier should return

In order for our system to correctly identify that your refund notifier has been correctly called and the notification processed, it should return a minimum of 2 characters, "OK". Anything after this can be an informational message upto 128 characters long which will be written to our logs.

Eg. OK: Not my shop ID

What happens when an error occurs?

When an error occurs, or "OK" is not returned from the callback, an email will be sent to the Keygen Failure E-Mail Address you specified in your account details.

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