Merchandising Your Products

This help section will define all of the pages, possible fields, functions, and requirements in the Offer wizard under Merchandising.

The Offer Interface allows three different types of merchandising offers or redemption types:

The pages within the offer section of the SWREG application are listed below, along with a brief description of each.

Offer List:

A list of all offers in the store. Users can copy, activate, revert, and retire offers form the list. Buttons to create new offers and edit those offers is also available.

Displayed in the list are the offer name, redemption type, status, product(s), expiration date, and number of coupons remaining.

Offer Details (Step 1):

This page contains the general details on the offer such as the unique offer name, and the start and end date.

Redemption (Step 2):

This page allows you to choose the redemption type: No Redemption Code, Promotional URL, and Coupons. Each type has the option to set an unlimited or specified limited number of orders up to 100,000 orders. The coupon redemption type offers additional options such as:

Products & Pricing (Step 3):

This page contains both the type of discount and products it will be applied too. Both an amount or percentage discount can be selected and these can be applied to one product, all products, or all products EXCEPT the selected down to the variation level.

Within Products & Pricing, you can create a product bundle. A product bundle is only usable with the "Apply Discount ONLY to selected products" and when live the offer will only be allowed if all products specified in the offer are purchased. If a customer removes one of the two products in the bundle the discount is no longer available on the remaining product.

Within Products & Pricing, you can also create a tight product bundle. With a tight bundle, products are linked and are added, quantified, and removed together. One use of this would be to link a product that issues a keycode one time with a product that renews the license for that keycode periodically without resending a download or reissuing a new keycode. This type of bundle extends all the other characteristics of the "loose" product bundle for discounts, order counts, periods of use, etc.

Review (Step 4):

Provides a summary of the offer lists all attributes entered in the previous steps. This page also serves as a landing page when editing an offer and allows you to download unused coupon codes on an offer.

Offer Status:

Additional Rules:

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