Localization Across your Store


The localization section of your store gives you the ability to localize many areas of your store that are visible to the consumer when that browser language is used:

You can utilize a couple, all, or none of the above options and whatever you choose the feature will automatically go out and provide that information in English for you to translate. The feature allows you to manage all localization in one central area. Even if you utilize the SWREG default template localization, now you add additional languages without having to customize the template or can localize your product names for those languages. Or if you already have some templates translated, you can also translate the product names for those languages. The system is very flexible regarding the depth that you can localize your business.

Template Requirements

How does it work?

Step 1:

Choose the languages you will be localizing by selecting the "Add" button. Optionally you can select for the language to be shown on when certain countries are selected.

Step 2:

Step 3: Repeat for other languages

Localizing Images

Localizing HTML

You can also localize the windows that open with help text for customers such as the VAT window or the sales tax window. You will upload (up to about 800MB) the complete html for that window that the translation of the text. The file for that window must be identical to the file name of its English version.

The above file names are for the VAT help window and the Sales Tax Exempt window on credit card or offline orders.

Other Information

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