Inquiries: please send a message from within your SWREG control panel.

Linking to Your Keycode Generator

You can upload a list of valid keycodes or alternatively we can send a data string to your keycode generator on your own website and you can then return a value that we imbed into the receipt.

To link to your own online keycode generator log in to your account and click the link for "Test your keycode generator" and read everything there including all the sub-links.

To provide your keygen URL go to your global delivery methods. Select the delivery method associated with the products that will use the keygen URL. Edit the delivery method, and select the keycode option which will expand allowing a field to provide your URL.

You will be able to return plain text up to 600 characters or else a binary attachment. Read more >>

Note: If you are extra paranoid you can limit access to your own script by resolving anything we send to * - do not rely on a given IP, it may change without notice.

Delayed Keycodes

You can have SWREG send out a "one code fits all" temporary code that you advise the customer in the e-mail body text and then we will send out the permanent one after x days if order not refunded. There are two extra fields on the email set up page. One for the key delay and one for the message, which uses the same imbedded variable syntax as the long text field (see above). Provided no refunds have been done, the customer will get a second mail after the key delay days have elapsed to inform them of the key. The vendor will get confirmation that the user has been sent the key and what key.

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