Direct Linking

The Purchase URL for any given product and its variations can be found at the product list by clicking on the product name.

With this method you can edit the look and feel templates. See a demo of how the system works from a customer's point of view where the vendor has added his own look and feel to the order flow. To edit the templates select on "Customizable Templates" when logged in to your SWREG control panel. Help.

How do I build the Purchase URL?

Single Product:

The formula is<store number>&p=<product code>&v=<variation 0-8>&d=<shipping option 0-8>&q=<quantity>&t=<any text you wish to pass up to 60 characters without any speech marks>

Example: characters

That means you can build an order on your own site and pass it through to us complete with quantities, variations, and shipping options. You can omit all but the store number and product code to get the defaults. For GBP or EUR stores replace with or

Multiple Products:

For multiple products you build the same single product URL, but can add an additional product separated by a colon for each parameter.


Three Product Example:

Other Customizations

Command Line Arguments

We offer several optional parameters you can utilize to add flexibility and customization that meet your customer and business needs. Please reference the command line argument help page.

Display ALL products

Point customers to<store number>/ however, this is not the preferred customer purchasing method.

Obtain SWREG Currency Conversion Rate

You can obtain the currency conversion rate by calling<store number>, where GBP is the international 3 letter currency code. This will return the conversion rate we are using at that moment so you need to multiply USD by that rate to get the approximation of what will appear on the customer's credit card.

For a list of supported currencies please visit here.

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SWREG offers a paypal alternative, affordable ecommerce, payment processing, ecommerce solution, and an online software store with the ability to sell shareware.