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ESD (Electronic Software Distribution)

To upload a file, click your product name and click Edit on the Summary page. Navigate to the variation details, and add a download delivery method. Once selected it will expand an option to upload or collect the file for your product of up to about 800MB.

If you like, you can store your licensed program file as a master file on our server and we can issue a download link to the customer in his/her e-mail receipt.

You only need upload to us one time but each link is dynamically created and is unique to each customer. You can determine how many days before the link expires and how many download attempts are allowed. You can also reset the timeouts from your control panel for a given order.

You only need upload the file once but you may need to enter the file name in each product delivery option. Do not use the same file name (i.e., setup.exe) as you have your own directory on our server and any given file will over write any existing file with the same name. Capitalization is important as ours is a Linux system.

Read the text on that page. You can either do an http upload to us or else have us collect the file from a URL you enter. We do not support ftp. Do this for every product variation and/or delivery method e-mail page. You only need actually upload the file the one time. If you need to replace the file that can be done from any "Upload Image" link in your control panel, you do not have to burrow down at product level.

If you want to see how the link looks in the sales e-mail receipt please click the Preview button and complete a test order.

You might wish to warn your customers about larger downloads. You could invite them to order a CDROM - please see CD Services

You can mix CDs and keycodes and download links on a single order. ESD (Electronic Software Distribution).

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