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Editing E-mail Receipts

To customize the email, select the Delivery Method you want customized and click Edit. You will check the Custom Email box allowing you to enter you custom message. Once completed and saved the delivery method changes will apply to all products using it.

Please read about Test Orders in the Set-Up Instructions to see how to test your own e-mail layouts.

You may enter any text you like in the Long Message field - if you do not add any system variables to that field the receipt email sent out is a default one.All data entered into this field is by default displayed to the customer after payment so with emails being so unreliable nowadays it is important to use this feature properly. If you wish to control the look and feel of this email all you need do is add at least one system variable to the text:

The email header will always remain the same with our company details but now you can imbed variables into the Long Message field.

The variables are as follows:

FIRSTNAME customer's first name
LASTNAME customer's last name
KEYCODE keycode
DOWNLOADLINK link for download
QUANTITY quantity ordered (we recommend you always use this variable)
PRODUCTNAME product name
VARIATION product variation name
SUPPORTEMAIL support email address
CUSTOM_FIELD(<field name>, 'optional default value')

Each variable must be surrounded by '%%' (eg. %%LASTNAME%%) in the Long Message field in the Delivery Methods area.



Thank you for ordering %%QUANTITY%% copy(s) of %%PRODUCTNAME%%.

Your keycode is %%KEYCODE%%

Your download link is %%DOWNLOADLINK%% - you have 7 days to download.

If you have any further queries please contact us at %%SUPPORTEMAIL%%

Yours sincerely,
Fred Bloggs.

You can also set a receipt email Subject header. Just enter %%EMAIL_SUBJECT = my subject text%% anywhere in the body of the message. It will be removed and whatever is entered for "my subject text" will be placed in the subject line of the email. In text either side of the %% signs is printed in the body of the email. Avoid capital letters as these are often then rejected by anti-spam filters. We suggest something like "Here is your keycode and receipt for My program".

For more information on how to use the CUSTOM_FIELD() family of tokens, please see the Custom Token Reference

WARNING: HTML will be automatically filtered out of the email content.

WARNING: Avoid capitals in the subject field and "click here" in the body text to reduce spam filtering.

WARNING: If you set up any variables in the free text field you must also enter the variables for keycodes or download link if you use them and wish them to be displayed.


You can include keycodes generated by your keycode generator. You can also have us serve your software electronically and include a unique and temporary download link into the e-mail. You can mix keycodes and download links on a single order. Read more >>

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