Abandon Order Feature

How it works

At the point where the customer closes the browser/order, we will trigger a window a certain percentage of the time that asks them not to leave. To incentivize them, the offer includes a 15% discount only on the product for that order.

How you enable or set it up

This feature is new within your merchandising area. It is a selection under Redemption Types. Using the Abandon Order functionality, you can also setup customized and specific offers for one, all, or some of your products at either a different discount % or flat rate. The system also allows you to designate the % of time you want the abandon order offer to appear.

Preventing the offer from being triggered

If you have certain links that take the customer away from the cart but you do not want the offer to be triggered, you need to use a target="_blank" and a class="exclude_abandon_cart" in the link tag to tell SWREG not to trigger the offer window to open. For instance:

<a href="http://mysite.com/terms.html" target="_blank" class="exclude_abandon_cart">See terms and conditions</a>

For questions, please contact us by clicking on the "Contact SWREG" link in the Main Admin area and submit an inquiry.

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