Approved for use by DR Legal on January 5, 2012

Registration Backup Service Terms of Use

1. In General. The Registration Backup Service (the "Service") is available for purchase when there are items present in your shopping cart for which you are issued a registration code by DR MyCommerce, Inc. ("DR"). Upon payment of the specified fee, for a period of one (1) year after the date You purchase the Service DR agrees to provide the person who acquires rights to use the downloadable items through the purchase ("You" or "Your") a service that enables You to re-obtain the registration code for a software product (a "Product") purchased in a single order (an "Order") from this website (the "Site"), for the sole purpose of reinstalling a replacement copy of such Product on Your computer. Such right to re-obtain the registration code shall only apply to the Product version originally purchased by the End User simultaneously with the purchase of the Registration Backup Service, and the re-installed Product shall continue to be subject to the applicable Product EULA. You understand and represent that the Service may be used only by the person who has valid rights to use the Products covered by the Service, and that You will not allow any third party to access the Service using Your Order Number and Password. You further understand that the right to use the Service is non-transferable, even if you sell Your rights to use Products to a third party if permitted by the license agreement for those Products.

2. Use of the Service. To use the Service, the End User must visit http://cs.mycommerce.com and follow the instructions to re-obtain the registration code from the order(s) for which the Registration Backup Service was purchased. You acknowledge that the Service may not be accessible at all times due to maintenance, force majeure events such as but not limited Internet outages, issues with Your browser, hardware, or software which prevents your access to the Service, or the like.

3. No Changes to End User Agreements. Your use of the Service shall not in any respect whatsoever modify any of the terms, conditions, or restrictions contained in the license agreement or other agreement by which You initially acquired rights to use a Product (each, an "End User Agreement"), and the use of each Product in connection with the Service shall in each and every instance remain subject to the terms, conditions, and restrictions contained in the End User Agreement for that Product.

4. Refunds. A refund of the fee for the Service shall only be payable to You if You make a request for a refund on all Products that are part of an Order. You shall not be entitled to a partial refund in connection with Your request for a refund for less than all of the Products contained in an Order.

5. Terms of Sale. These terms of use shall be applicable in addition to the general DR MyCommerce, Inc. Terms of Sale that are part of Your Product purchase. In the event of any conflict between these terms of use and the general Terms of Sale these terms of use shall control with respect to the subject matter hereof.

6. General. Any and all claims or disputes relating to the Service shall be governed by the laws of the State of Minnesota. For the purpose of resolving conflicts relating to the Service, You and DR agree that venue shall be in the State of Minnesota only, and, in addition, You hereby consent to the jurisdiction of the federal and state courts in the State of Minnesota. DR may assign its rights and delegate its duties with respect to the Service without notice to You.

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