User Guide

Look and Feel templates are are set of html files with tokens representing different elements of the purchase process. They are designed to allow you to use our secure purchase process with the look and feel of your own website. You can change a few or many of the templates to suite your requirements. See the token reference guide for a complete list of the tokens supported in each template.

On one of the pages you might wish to display the order number. As this is dynamic and is allocated by our system, it cannot be hard-coded. To get around this use ###ORDERNO### in your template. When the page is being presented to the user, this will be replaced with the order number.

When creating your templates, we suggest that you download the default template as a starting point. These templates contain most of the tokens you need for the process to work.

The purchase process is split into several templates, some of which will be displayed depending on the customers choices:

Depending on how the customer will be paying for the purchase, one of the following pages will be displayed:

In addition to these, are are six more templates which may be uploaded:

Obsolete Template

Uploading Templates

To start using templates, you must first upload a custom template file (.tpl) by uploading templates via the "Upload Files" task and assigning them a template and version. You can upload and preview as many "Disabled" templates as you wish.

To use your "uploaded" template(s) you must first mark them as "enabled", and then select which template you want as your default custom. If you enable only one template, this will automatically become the default unless you already have templates uploaded. The default custom templates will be used to layout this page during the purchase process unless the lang command line switch is used. Note, you may only have one default file per template.

For each uploaded template, you can assign a language string (alphanumeric string up to 32 characters). If you pass in 'lang=' and an active custom template with a matching langunage string is found then this custom template will be used instead of the default custom template.

You can see an example of a custom template by clicking "Examples" in the help link. This "current" template in the examples is what is used for the purchase process if this template is not enabled.

CSS, Images, and Javascript

You may upload css, images, and javascript dependencies to our servers. Again, by clicking on "Upload Files" you may upload these files at any time. You can manage these uploaded files by clicking on the "File" task. To reference these files in the templates you just need to wrap them with the appropriate token:

Upload Queue

This task is used to confirm and assign templates, css, images and javascript in one place and you will be directed there after every upload.

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