Security Banner

We recommend using our security banner on the basket and/or customer details templates. It raises consumer confidence in the security of their information and SWREG, and the consumer will be more likely to purchase.

Place the below text near the end body tag of your template:

<div id="swr_security_footer_outer_wrapper">
 <div id="swr_security_footer_outer_wrapper">
  <div id="swr_security_footer_inner_wrapper">
   <div id="swr_security_footer_background">
    <img border="0" src="###IMAGE(swreg_security_banner.png)###"/>
   <div id="swr_security_messaging_wrapper">
    <a tabindex="0" id="swr_geotrust"
     onclick="return gt__md();" target="GT__SIP">
     <img name="dsmfkxni"
      alt="Click for company profile" oncontextmenu="return false;"
      border="0" height="55" width="100"></a>
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