Top: To change the value of a field, click the Edit button within that group.

Fields, Buttons & Other Functionality

Page Item Description Possible Values Required?
Product Setup group box Contains the data from the fields on the Create Product – Product Setup page.
Product Details group box Contains all of the data entered into the Create Product – Product Details or Create Product –Product Details page.
(X) Product URL field Product URL displays the URL created for an individual product (without variations or multiple delivery methods). There can be as many URLs as delivery methods set up at either the product or variation level. So insert each selected delivery method before “Product URL:”. For example, CD-ROM Product URL, 5 License Product URL, or Key Code Only Product URL. Clicking once in the field highlights the URL. Users can then copy the URL and paste it where they want to.
Edit button Appears in each group box on this page. Links to the wizard page corresponding to that group box: Product Details = Edit Product – Product Details page Product Variations = Edit Product – Product Variations page
Test Order button Opens a new browser window displaying the product detail page for that product/variation/delivery method.
Product Variations group box Appears only if multiple products were created. Contains all data entered in the Create Product – Product Variations page. Hide/show
Cancel button Takes users to the Products page and leaves no DB traces during product creation. Triggers a JavaScript prompt asking if the user is sure.
Previous button Goes to Create Product – Product Setup or Create Product – Variation Setup. Disabled when editing a product.
Finish button Saves the product and refreshes the page. When editing a product, this button works the same as Cancel.
Publish button Disabled until product is saved.
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