Product Catalog Help

This section will define all of the pages, possible fields, functions, and requirements in the product wizard.

When creating a new product, make sure your Delivery Methods are setup. The Delivery Methods are located in the toolbar of the Create/Edit Products area. Once those are created you can return to the Product List page and start setting up your products!

The pages within the catalog section of the SWREG application are listed below, along with a brief description of each.

  1. Products A list of all products in the account. Users can copy, preview and publish products from the list. Buttons to create new products and edit Delivery Methods are also available.
  2. Create Product - Product Setup: (Step 1) Choose to create one or multiple products and how much the product is made visible to shoppers.
  3. Create Product - Product Details: (Step 2) This page is called Product Details if creating only one product. When creating a single product, this page contains all of the attributes and options for the product, based on the visibility selected in step 1. When creating a product with variations, this page contains the attributes and settings shared across all variations.
  4. Create Product - Product Variations: (Step 3) This page does not appear if creating only one product. When creating variations, this page contains all pricing and delivery method settings.
  5. Create Product - Product Summary: (Step 3 or 4, depending on individual or multiple products) Provides the purchase URL for each variation and deliver method and lists all attributes entered in the previous steps This page also serves as a landing page when editing a product.
  6. Delivery Methods - A list of delivery methods that can be applied to one or multiple products simplifying the setup process. When you make changes to a Delivery Method, those changes apply to all products that are assigned to the delivery method.
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