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4 Seat Dune Buggy Plans

Publisher:Daniel Stanley
Product Code:47592-16
Complete detailed plans to build a sleek 4 seat dune buggy.My 70 page design booklet breaks down the frame and the buggy components in a step by step easy to read manual.
To help make this a fun and easy to build project I have broken down in detail the necessary steps required to build the buggy above. Each part of the frame is labeled and detailed on its own page. The required information to bend and cut each piece is also clearly called out. To help aid in the assembly I have shown a 3D top view , front view and side view of the completed frame which shows the critical dimensions required to fit all the pieces together. I also show you how the front end, rear end, suspension etc all come together. You do not need blueprint reading skills to understand my booklet. I have tried to make these plans very user friendly. I have converted the plans from the C.A.D format to adobe pdf. This means that these plans can be read without the need for any special cad software.