Get it on CD!

Get it on CD! is a professionally designed CD that we burn and mail on demand.

There are two ways you can utilize this service.

Option 1

The preferred method is the "Optional CD Upsell Offering," where the CD is offered opt-in within the cart to the customer. You can activate this service by going to:

  1. Create/Edit Products within your store.
  2. Next create a New Product - on the first screen you will see an "Optional CD Upsell Offering" under Product Variations. Once you have created your Upsell CD, this will no longer show when new products are created.
  3. Next make sure each of your delivery methods has a download provided — go to Delivery Methods, and provide the file if one is not given.
  4. Now you are set and we will start offering the CD to the products that have downloads provided in their delivery methods.

You can provide any labeling, descriptions, and pricing you prefer. The CD product will only have the one variation with no delivery method so it cannot be purchased as a stand alone product.

Once the CD product is created, our system will automatically offer it as an upsell, opt-in CD with any product setup to be delivered via download in the cart. For example, all my products are setup in SWREG so downloads are provided by SWREG after the sale completes. When I create my Optional CD Upsell product, the CD upsell will be offered as an opt-in in the cart when customer goes to the SWREG shopping cart.

When the customer adds a CD and completes the purchase, our system utilizes the download delivery method of the main product and provides that file to the customer on the CD.

To utilize, the Full Color CD Label, you can select the "Custom CD Image" and then provide the full color artwork for the CD.

Recommended Image Sizing:

The feature is available to all clients. Here is a snapshot of the offering:

Option 2

The other available option is setting up a CD as a delivery method in your product. To do this go to Create/Edit Product in your store, and select the Delivery Methods link in the toolbar. You can create or add the Physical Delivery Type to a new or existing delivery method. When you check this option the specifications will be shown below where you can use the download file associated with your Download Delivery Type in that delivery method or you can upload a file of up to about 800 MB that is only used on the CD. You can also provide full color artwork for the CD label and it will be previewed for your approval in the setup.

Please be aware using the "Get it on CD in product delivery" will automatically include the CD in the product when the customer adds it to the cart as it is a part of the delivery method setup.


When a customer orders the CD, we batch these nightly and they are shipped the following day. We need to allow 7 business days for the CD to be received and can reship after that timeframe if the customer indicates non-receipt. To reship a CD please submit an inquiry within your store under "Contact SWREG."

Your Cost

We will add $8 USD, 4 GBP, 8 EUR to your discount rate charged, based on your base server currency.

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